Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Explaining My Ranking Number System

I have always loved root beer.  I remember the excitement when my mom would buy me a six pack of IBC root beer as a kid.  I am not sure if it was the bottles that made me so excited or the great taste of IBC root beer (I will review IBC soon).  As I have stated before I am looking for the world's best root beer.  Below explains what my number system of ranking mean.

10 - As Good As It Gets!
9 - Extremely Good Brew!
8 - Very Good Brew!
7 - Good Brew.
6 - Slightly Above Average.
5 - Average....Nothing Special.
4 - Slightly Below Average.
3 - Not Very Good.
2 - Just Plain Bad.
1 - Should Not Claim To Be Root Beer.

Disclaimer:  I am no taste expert, or have I ever claimed to be. This is all very subjective.  Do not let my reviews discourage you from tasting a root beer.  Who knows, you may love a root beer that I give low marks to.  However, my rankings may give you a starting point with so many root beers out there to taste.  Enjoy!

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